Weight Loss Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery Cuts Risk for Heart Attack, Death: Study

Weight loss surgery, like stoma-chic stripe, will dramatically cut back the speed of heart attacks and deaths among folks that area unit fat, a replacement study shows.

Researchers within the United Kingdom same their findings recommend that fat folks at high risk for heart condition ought to seriously think about undergoing this sort of procedure to slenderize.

 The researchers conjointly same their study is that the initial comprehensive review of weight-loss surgery — called bariatric surgery — on heart condition, stroke and death.

“We checked out the outcomes for patients WHO bear bariatric surgery, and compared them to figures for fat folks that had not received surgery. We tend to saw that surgery was doubtless saving and will lower the danger of getting an attack and stroke by virtually 50 %,” study senior author Dr. Yoon Locke, of the University of East Angelia’s Norwich school of medicine in European nation, same during university news unleash.

 The researchers examined fourteen previous studies involving over 29,000 patients WHO had weight-loss surgery. The mean age of the patients was forty eight, and thirty % were men. The participants were followed for a amount of 2 to fourteen years.

 The study conjointly saw a forty % reduction in death rates among patients WHO had the surgery, compared to those that did not have the procedure.

 Obesity could be a worldwide downside with important consequences on people and society. It’s related to heart condition, kind a pair of polygenic disease, several cancers and a shorter expectancy,” philosopher same.


 The study authors value-added that an over-sized, high-quality study on the advantages of weight-loss surgery is required.

 The study was printed March twenty eight within the International Journal of medical specialty.

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