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Follow 10 rules to stay healthy

Health & Wellness are the greatest blessings of the Allah. Everyone in the world wants to lead a healthy life. Wellness depends largely on our daily lifestyle. 

10 rules to stay healthy

So to be healthy, doctors recommend building a healthy lifestyle. It is easy to live a healthy life by following some simple rules.

So find out today, 10 rules to stay healthy:

 1. Wake up in the morning:

Most studies have shown that people who wake up in the morning have a few times higher recovery rates than others. 

The air at Morning is extremely beneficial for our body. This is because during this time the air pollution is less and the amount of oxygen increases. In addition, when you wake up in the morning, the desire to work all day increases. As a result, ever work will be completed in time.

10 rules to stay healthy

Other than that, 

there is no substitute for waking up in the morning to keep our mind healthy and active. Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin conducted research on their students.
 Where they see, the students who get up that morning tend to be more talented than the rest. So to stay healthy you must adhere to this habit.

2. Start the day with a prayer:

It is very important to pray to Allah daily to keep our body and mind healthy. Start the day with prayer and you will feel mental a lots of strength. 

Prayer purifies our minds and encourages us to do good work. Regular prayer to the Allah can relieve stress. 

10 rules to stay healthy
10 rules to stay healthy

As a result, our body is affected by many diseases. So there is no alternative to prayer if you want the blessings of healing.

3. Exercise:

Exercise is essential for our body. In order to stay healthy, doctors emphasize on healthy eating habits as well as exercise. 

Maintaining a healthy weight is very important if you want to stay healthy. Because of being overweight or obese is dangerous to our health. 

10 rules to stay healthy
10 rules to stay healthy

And exercise is the best way to control weight.. It is best if you make walk in the morning as your habit. So you can exercise for 30 to 45 minutes at any session of the day.

4. Develop healthy eating habits:

If you want to stay healthy, you have to develop a healthy eating habit. Basically our body meets all kinds of needs from the daily diet.

 Take vegetables and fruits along with sugars and proteins in your daily diet. Because the vitamins in vegetables and fruits help to keep our body healthy.

10 rules to stay healthy
10 rules to stay healthy

 Try to avoid fast foods and soft drinks as much as possible. Because many diseases are caused by this food. 

You should eat easily digestible food instead of heavy food thus the food is digested quickly and easily. Smoking and drugs of any kind are deadly to our health.

5. Drink plenty of water:

The role of water in maintaining all the cells, tissues and organs of our body is extremely active. Water meets the needs of fluids and all minerals in our body.

 Suffering from dehydration for a long time can results in more complex diseases ranging from liver problems.

10 rules to stay healthy
10 rules to stay healthy

 Thus you should drink plenty of water every day.

 It is generally recommended that you drink eight to twelve glasses or two and a half to three and a half gallons of water daily However, the physical needs of each person are the same. 
So it is best to drink water and understand your body’s needs.

6. Moderate sleep:

Sleep is also called our body’s recovery system. 

Every day our body gains a lot of calories. Which cannot be met by food alone.

 Also moderate sleep helps reduce your stress. This greatly reduces the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease.


After working all day, our body and mind get tired. However, during sleep, these deficiencies in the brain are gradually filled. So daily sleep seven to eight hours daily.

7. Stay well mentally:

Keeping yourself happy is also very important to stay healthy. Because the body and the mind are inter related . If the mind is not good, the body also feels bad. Arrange time for work as well as entertainment to keep yourself mentally well. But keep in mind, enjoy all kinds of entertainment but avoid healthy entertainment.

10 rules to stay healthy
10 rules to stay healthy

Healthy recreation are mainly sports, reading books,

 traveling, educational programs on TV or computer, or intelligence games on mobile phones. Having a good time with friends and family is important for our good health.

8.Stay clean:

If you want to survive from diseases, you must be clean and tidy. 

Hands must be washed with soap before and after meals. 

Everyday clothes and houses should be kept clean and tidy. keeping yourself and your home clean is not sufficient to stay healthy. 

10 rules to stay healthy
10 rules to stay healthy

It is also essential to keep the area around the house clean. It is the responsibility of a good citizen not to make the roads dirty.

 This is how we keep the surroundings clean and reduce the level of environmental pollution.

9. Stay away from device addiction:

Smartphones are a very common thing in the hands of people of all ages, from children to adults. Growing up with a variety of smart devices since the birth of a child. 

10 rules to stay healthy
10 rules to stay healthy

Parents are giving smartphones to their children whenever they don’t want to eat or cry. It has been a bad habit to waste most of the time with smart devices since childhood. 

Which later turns into addiction. But you should remember that overuse of smart devices is dangerous for you or your baby. The health risks are increasing.

10. Do meditation and yoga:

The benefits of meditation and yoga to be healthy cannot be over stated. Regular meditation makes relaxation to our nerves and helps reduce stress. There is no alternate for meditation to control our mind and increase our interest in work.

10 rules to stay healthy
10 rules to stay healthy

Yoga is a natural way for you to live a healthy and long life. Because yoga helps to maintain every part of our body moving and functioning. So to stay healthy, practice those two methods regularly.



This was today’s article. Follow these 10 rules to lead healthy life. Hopefully you may live a healthy life through it.


 However, if you have any illness, no matter how common or simple it is, do not delay to consult a doctor.

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