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Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index (Bmi calculator ) is a body fat measurement calculator. It could be measured based on the height and weight of the person concerned. Submit your weight and height to this bmi calculator to know your BMI. Your BMI will come out.

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BMI (Body Mass Index) is not right or wrong, how is the Bmi calculator applied?


The weight of a healthy person should be according to his height, the standard of BMI is also taken in this way. The ratio of your length to weight is called the BMI or Body Mass Index.   

Different calculators are used to measure it. You need to know which formula works, where it is used.


What is the formula for body mass index?

The formula for calculating BMI is very straightforward in bmi calculator .
you have to give the exact weight and height of the person concerned in the calculator.
Then BMI = weight / (height x height) or BMI = weight / (height square).

What is the value of BMI?

If a person’s BMI index drops below 18.5 based on their height and weight, it is lower than normal. 

If your BMI level is between 18.5 and 24.9, that’s fine. If the BMI level is 25 or higher, be careful. In this situation there is a fear of heart disease, stroke, diabetes.

 Having a BMI above 30 means that your body can suffer from all the diseases related to obesity.

For whom is the use of Bmi calculator not right?

It is important to stay one thing in mind. BMI should not be used for pregnant women and the elderly and children .

 And also not for bodybuilders and athletes. The big reason for this is that in all these cases it cannot calculate correctly.

why BMI cannot understand muscle and fat separately. For example, the weight of pregnant women is not only their weight, but also the weight of the fetus.

If your BMI index drops below

16.5 based on your height and weight you need to increase your weight lower than normal. The standard BMI level ranges from 18.5 to 24.9.

 It should be maintained for those whose BMI is falling at this level. If you have a BMI of 25 or more, you need to be careful. 

Because at this stage there is a risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease or stroke. If the BMI is above 30, there is a risk of side effects due to obesity or obesity in the body.

What is the limit of BMI?

BMI alone cannot be the basis of a healthy body and just the right weight. Age and gender affect BMI i.e. body mass index. 

BMI can be considered as a ratio of your length and weight. From this, it is known whether your body weight is right according to your height, but it has its own limitations. BMI does not tell you how much fat is in any part of your body. According to experts, BMI is an indicator of healthy body weight, but it has some limitations. BMI cannot accurately assess an individual’s proportions or structure.

Everyone’s body is different because of muscle, bone weight and fat . One should not judge who is healthy and who is not on the basis of BMI alone.

Why is BMI different for adults?

As we have already told you, BMI cannot be completely fixed. 

BMI indicates excess body weight, cannot detect excess fat. Different ages, genders, muscles and fats affect BMI. Suppose a person is healthy according to BMI.

 But if he does not exercise or workout every day, there is a risk of accumulation of fat in the body. If he is not overweight at the moment and his health is ideal as BMI, he cannot be considered healthy. Young people with more muscle than the same BMI would be considered rather healthy. Similarly, the range of body mass index or BMI in adults is different.

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