Make blood pressure normal (BP 80/120)


High blood pressure (high BP) is also called hypertension. It is a condition in which blood flows faster than normal in the arteries of the heart. Make blood pressure normal is not a easy task.

Treating this problem at the right time can reduce the risk of heart disease. If you ignore this problem then later this problem becomes very serious. People who suffer from heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke and other complications. Anyone can have hypertension. According to some studies, one in 10 people in India suffers from high blood pressure. Many people do not take this problem seriously due to lack of knowledge about high blood pressure. Let’s see what is hypertension and how to make blood pressure normal in today’s article?


Let’s talk about it in detail.

  • Types of hypertension?
  • What causes high blood pressure?
  • What are the  high blood pressure symptoms?
  • How is hypertension checked?
  • What is the treatment of high blood pressure?
  • How to prevent high blood pressure?

Types of tension?

There are two main types of hypertension.


Primary Hypertension – The most common cause of primary hypertension. Most people who have this type of blood pressure develop it with age.

Secondary Hypertension – Secondary hypertension occurs as a result of any treatment or use of certain medications. It is usually cured after treatment by stopping taking medications that cause hypertension.


What causes high blood pressure ?

  • Problems with high blood pressure can occur for a variety of reasons.
  • For example, obesity causes a person to suffer from many diseases. Also, high blood pressure can cause high blood pressure.
  • Person who do smoke having higher risk of high BP
  • people should stop smoking and if there is any abnormality in the heart, consult a doctor.
  • Consuming too much salt in the diet puts a person at risk of hypotension. Therefore, people who consume more salt should consume less salt.
  • One of the main causes of high bp is stress. When a person starts taking so much stress that it harms their health. Stress causes other types of diseases. According to some studies, people with extreme stress have high blood pressure.
  • People who do not engage in regular physical activity, such as yoga, are more likely to develop hypertension. This is because the body’s immunity system is hampered .

What are the  high blood pressure symptoms?

Some early signs and high blood pressure symptoms may be seen.

  • Severe headache problems.
  • Nervous.
  • Chest pain.
  • Tired or confused.
  • Blood in the urine.
  • Blurred vision means all blurred vision. 
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • If a person experiences these symptoms, he or she should contact his or her doctor.

How is hypertension checked?

To test for high blood pressure, the doctor performs a full body checkup of the patient. However, when blood pressure is high, people go to the clinic to see how much BP has increased.


The doctor may investigate further.


  • Such as- urine test.
  • Blood test.
  • Cholesterol testing.
  • Electrocardiogram – This test calculates the electrical activity of your heart. The doctor may recommend echocardiograms to check for symptoms of heart disease.

However, those over the age of 20 or 40 should have their blood pressure checked once a year. (Read more – What to eat to lower cholesterol)

What is the treatment of high blood pressure or how to make blood pressure normal?

High blood pressure has become common among people. This is why people do not get proper treatment for this disease and this is why some people die due to high blood pressure. The risks can be reduced by treating high blood pressure. For this, the doctor has made the following recommendations.

  • The medicine prescribed by the doctor should be taken at the appropriate time so that your high blood pressure (120-80 mmHg) is under control.
  • Include more green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Eat a small amount of salt in food.
  • If the patient is not able to get relief from the medication, the doctor may recommend a heart transplant.

How to prevent high blood pressure?

The following can be done to prevent high blood pressure or make blood pressure normal

For example:

  • Regular practice,
  • yoga should be done every day so that the muscles are strong and the immunity is better.
  • Avoid eating too much salt in your diet.
  • Your blood pressure should be checked regularly.
  • Smoking and alcohol should not be eaten.
  • If you are being treated for high blood pressure, you need to go to the clinic for a checkup.


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