Obesity is a death trap


Obesity is death trap

Obesity is a death trap

Q: Obesity is a very familiar word or disease now. What is it?

Answer: Obesity is a special condition of the body. Obesity increases the risk of many diseases. There are many risk factors related with This. In The united states of America, It is in a very critical situation. overweight and obese patients are increased day by day. department of health is very concern about this issue. This condition is caused by the storage of excess fat or fatty substances in the body. It occurs serious effect on the body. There are many problems. Currently, about 25 percent of people in India suffer from this condition.

It is one of the big causes of death in the world. Its effects on middle-aged people are increasing the number of heart attacks, type 2 diabetes. Obese adults are found all over the world. In the case of children, the obesity increased very fast in last decades. Its a public health issue. It becomes the headache for centers for disease control.

Which has become a cause of great concern to us.

Q: Does being overweight mean obesity?

A: Obesity depends on body mass index (BMI), not overweight. BMI is the ratio of body height & weight. The normal range of a person’s BMI is 20-25. However, if the BMI is between 25-30, the person is said to be obese.

Q: What are the problems with obesity?

Answer: This can cause various problems. It can be said that it causes various diseases.

For example:

    • Heart disease,
    • Diabetes mellitus,
    • Osteoarthritis,
    • Infertility,
    • Insomnia,
    • Mental exhaustion,
    • Shortness of breath, etc.

It is associated with

    • Diabetes,
    • High blood pressure,
    • High blood cholesterol and
    • Triglyceride levels.

This is called ‘metabolic syndrome.

There is a risk of some types of cancer Can be seen.

Q: What is the risk of death due to this?

Answer: It is blamed as one of the leading causes of death in the world. Women are more die than men . The risk is also higher for smokers. People with super obese can live maximum 10 years.

Q: Why is obesity?

Answer: Excessive calorie intake and lack of physical activity – this is considered to be the main cause of obesity. Now we have become accustomed to Western culture. The trend towards fast food is increasing. Many are sitting in one place and working for hours on end. As a result, physical work is not being done that way.

    • Excessive stress at work or for various reasons,
    • Insufficient sleep,
    • Uncontrolled use of drugs,
    • Getting pregnant at an older age these increase the BMI.
    • It is seen for drinking more soft and hard drinks.
    • In some cases, Due to hereditary reasons some people become obese.

Q: What is the way to avoid it?

Answer: The main way to avoid obesity is to control eating, which is called dieting and physical activity. In many cases, weight loss may be due to controlled eating, but it is temporary. If you want to hold it, you have to do regular physical work and yoga. However, the success rate is very low. However, if you do not work even after eating a limited diet and physical activity, you can take medicine. In case of class-3.

Surgical help can be taken.

Q: Many times it is seen that many people are eating very little, but he is gaining weight. Why is this?

Answer: Slow metabolism or slow digestion can be blamed for this. This symptom is seen in people who usually sit at home, or work sitting in one place, watch TV for a long time. In this case, too, there is only one way – to burn calories by physical activity. Many are accustomed to fast food in the market. Different types of dairy foods, such as chocolate, ice cream, burgers, or pizza, are high in calories. Even if you eat a small amount of food, the body stores more calories. Therefore, it is advisable to eliminate them as much as possible. Instead, eating home-made food is much healthier.

Q: What is the relationship between taking medicine and obesity?

Answer: In many cases there is a risk of obesity due to side effects of the drug. There are several medications that affect the hormonal balance. Uncontrolled drug use can also cause body problems. The body becomes obese.

Q: In this case, when to take the help of surgery?

Answer: Third level of obesity or super obesity can be taken with the help of surgery. Or this method can be used even if multiple other diseases occur with obesity. Surgery is done to reduce body fat or to reduce the volume of different parts of the digestive system like stomach, small intestine. As a result, the person’s hunger is reduced by eating less food and the amount of calories stored from food is also reduced. In addition, there are several other types of surgical treatment.

such as

    • Gastric bypass,
    • Mini gastric bypass,
    • Duodenal switch.

Q: Knee problems occur with weight gain. What is the reason for this? How to remedy?

Answer: If the weight of the upper part of the body increases, there is more pressure on the knees. As a result the cartilage of the knee is damaged by rubbing. It even rubs against the bones. The result is pain in the knee. This condition is named as osteoarthritis in medical terms. If this happens, there is pain in the knee, it is not possible to stand for long. In such situation, you must contact a doctor. Exercise regularly, need to take a short walk.

Q: Does obesity have anything to do with nasal congestion?

Answer: Weight gain requires extra oxygen in the body. This supply is reduced during sleep, so breathing is forced. That’s when the nose sounds. This puts pressure on the lungs. Seeing these symptoms, it is said that the body weight is increasing. You must be careful from them.

Q: Is there any domestic way to reduce obesity?

Answer: There is no domestic way in that way. Losing weight or getting healthy weight is very difficult .The only way to change the way of life. Work with less stress, get enough sleep, take regular walks and do some yoga and of course eat a moderate amount of home-cooked food. Smoking, alcohol, junk food, fast food, soft drinks should be avoided. Healthy eating must be maintained. If necessary, make a food list with a dietitian and eat accordingly. Obesity means the home of various diseases in the body. Over the next few years, it will become a serious problem in our society. So you have to try to keep yourself healthy.

I hope this article is helpful for you.