What is breast reconstruction|Make Breast Beautiful

Breast reconstruction is a type of surgical procedure in which the shape of the breast is given the right shape. This is not suitable for all women. Physicians therefore explain its advantages and disadvantages. If the woman has got any disease due to breast cancer then the doctors take the option of plastic surgery. It recovers the imbalance between two breasts in place of skin, breast tissue and a removed nipple. The amount of reconstructive mastectomy and removal based on the size ,width and location of the tumor. 


Let us tell you about breast reconstruction in today’s article.

  • Why is breast reconstruction done?
  • How are breast reconstruction performed?
  • How to take care after breast reconstruction?

Why is breast reconstruction done?

Breast reconstruction is suggested to reconstruct the shape of the breast. However, with the permission of the patient, the skin of the abdomen of their body is made into a new breast by taking fat through technology. The blood vessel is connected to the adjacent blood vessels to deliver blood to the breast. This is generally auto type technology. In this, the blood of the chest or back is combined with the swahikayo. Makes the shape of a woman’s breast beautiful and attractive.




How are breast reconstruction performed?

  • General or local anesthesia is given according to the situation after discussing with the patient before starting the process of breast reconstruction.
  • Some cases mastectomy or radiation therapy throw up too little tissue on the chest wall to cover and complete the breast implant. In these cases, flap technique or tissue expansion is required to recreate the shape of the breast.
  • The TRAM flap uses muscle, fat and skin from other parts of the body to rebuild the breast from a woman’s lower abdomen. The flap can be either attached to the original blood supply and make a channel through the chest wall, or be completely detached, and become a breast mound. Alternatively, doctor  may prefer DIEP flap or SIEA flap techniques, which don’t  use abdominal muscles, but only transfer skin and fat from the abdomen to the chest.
  • The latissimus dorsi flap utilizes fat, muscles, and skin from the back of the musculoskeletal site and stays attached to the donor site while holding the blood donor. Breast implants are an addition or substitute to flap technique. Doctor can choose an implant as a short term placeholder during the treatment of other breast cancers till  you’re ready for more involved flap reconstruction techniques. Saline and silicone inserts are available for reconstruction.
  • Your doctor will suggest you or help you to decide the best solution for you. Reconstruction with transplantation alone usually requires tissue expansion. Direct-to-implant breast reconstruction can be a mastectomy for some women with specific tumor features and breast size. For women who aren’t  eligible for the nipple-spring mastectomy,  this on is accomplished with various  techniques that reshape the nipple and areola.
  • Techniques for shaping the nipple after tattooing usually involve folding skin. Three-dimensional nipple-aerator tattooing can be used to create the appearance of a realistic nipple with the illusion of projection. The results of breast reconstruction can often be enhanced by phased modification procedures that improve symmetry, use liposuction with fat grafting, and improve the appearance of the donor site.


How to take care after breast reconstruction?breast reconstruction

After the treatment , the patient needs a lot of rest as he feels tired and weak after the surgery. According to the doctor, it may take at least six weeks to fully recover. Also some can give the following suggestions.

  • Gives doses of painkillers to reduce pain after surgery.
  • Avoid doing heavy physical activity after surgery.
  • Wear loose clothing so that there is no pressure on the breasts after the surgery.
  • The place of surgery should not be rubbed with soap but should be cleaned lightly by hand.
  • Swimming should not be done after surgery.
  • Diet after surgery