Many people nowadays are not in control of their blood pressure even after taking medicine twice. In this case, lifestyle changes are more useful than drugs to control blood pressure normal.

The problem of high blood pressure was caught at a very young age, this problem is not new today. High blood pressure is being detected at the age of 16/17 at home. Many people are not in control of their blood pressure even after taking the medicine twice. In this case, lifestyle changes are more useful than drugs. You can control your body and mind by making very small changes in your life.


  • Drain off excess fat

According to medical terms , if you can lose  excess fat, your blood pressure will be under control. Fall of 22 pounds decreases blood pressure by 1 millimeter / mercury. If an adult male’s waist size is more than 40 centimeters, and an adult woman’s waist size is more than 35 inches, excess fat should be shed immediately.


  • Do regular light exercise to control blood pressure normal

Do light to heavy exercise for 150 minutes a week, i.e. 30 minutes five days a week. Brisk walk means walking, cycling or swimming with sweat. Blood pressure is also under control.


  • Stay on a healthy diet to control blood pressure normal

When buying things from the market, look at the proportions of the ingredients on the packet. Of course, eat plenty of potassium-rich foods, vegetables, fruits, water.


  • Reduce carbohydrates and increase protein intake.
  • Eliminate sodium from the diet to make blood pressure normal
  • Do not eat salt in food. Reduce salt as much as possible in cooking.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Eat fresh cooked food.
  • Quit smoking & reduce alcohol consumption

Smoking should be given up completely. Then the condition of the heart will improve as usual. With it, the habit of drinking all kinds of alcoholic beverages should be reduced.


  • Drink coffee less and less to control blood pressure normal

Those who regularly drink coffee, they may not understand the change. But Jade doesn’t have that habit, they won’t suddenly catch this habit. How do you understand yourself? Measure blood pressure once 30 minutes before drinking coffee. Then measure after a while of drinking coffee, you will see the difference with your own eyes.


  • Reduce stress levels to  control blood pressure normal

Increasing blood pressure from stress is happening all the time. Now it is up to you to reduce the pressure. Stress, anxiety can come, avoid this kind of situation. If there is deadly ambition, there will be pressure. Work with whatever you can control yourself.

  • Measure your blood pressure regularly at home

Now digital blood pressure measuring devices are in everyone’s home. Measure your blood pressure regularly. There is no harm in a little less. However, if you suddenly start to fluke a lot, you must consult a doctor.

To achieve blood pressure normal you should follow all the instructions regularly.