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how long do antibiotics stay in your system depends on the biological half-life of the drug (the time taken to halve the amount of the drug in the system), which in turn depends on how the drug is cleared from the system (for example, whether it is broken down and excreted through the liver or kidneys).You also know  how long do antibiotics stay in your system after last dose.



In very general terms, most drug addicts will leave the system by left-4 half-life (so if half-life hours hours, about 2 hours hours).

A very grudging indicator is how often the medicine is taken. The purpose is to increase the concentration of the drug in your body to the “therapeutic level” – the level at which it is effective. The shorter the half-life of the drug, the more times you have to take the drug. So the medicine you take once a day will last a little longer than the medicine you take three times a day, once you stop taking them.

Of course, if the cleansing method is weak (say liver or kidney disease) that will affect how quickly it clears – although doctors may adjust the dose to reflect this.


how long do antibiotics stay in your system takes about half the life on average for an average of 97% of drug addicts through enzymatic depletion in the liver and / or excretion of excrement through the kidneys. So assuming you are a reasonably healthy person (good liver and kidney function) then it can take about 5 or 6 half-lives. Each drug has its own half-life, so it depends on which antibiotic you are taking. 

Also, not all drugs follow first-order elimination dynamics. 95% of the drugs used in therapeutic concentrations although first order are eliminated by elimination dynamics Some substances are eliminated by zero-order kinetics elimination dynamics, because their excretion process is saturated. Examples are ethanol, phenytoin and salicylates. Suppose you have taken a simple course of amoxicillin, which has a elimination half-life of about 60 to 90 minutes. After 6 half-lives (6 to 9 hours) the drug will be out of your system. 



Now compare it to the antibiotic, levofloxacin, whose elimination half-life is about 6 to 8 hours. It will take about 36 to 48 hours for your body to clear of levofloxacin. If you take a zero order kinetic drug, things will probably get more complicated because we need to consider the saturation effects. At normal levels though it is not a factor too much.

The drug itself will disappear very quickly. However, the effects of antibiotics on your gastrointestinal microbiota are long lasting. Clinical studies have shown that disruption, especially in colon microbiota, can last up to 2 years and some changes persist.

So, if your doctor says you should take antibiotics in your case, don’t comply directly, ask for an explanation: These antibiotics will kill any germs and these are the cause of my illness. If the answer is unclear and you are prescribed board spectrum antibiotics because your doctor doesn’t really know what is bothering you and wants to test, whether this helps, you’re putting your gut health in a much bigger mess.

Take care of your germs and you will feel better. how long do antibiotics stay in your system for action ?

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