Keto diet side effects heart | Read now to be fit in 2022

Keto diet can be dangerous for heart patients. It increases the risk of heart attack . Here we discuss Keto diet side effects heart

People who follow the keto diet get serious health related diseases. It is more harmful for heart patients.

After globalization, we came across foods like pizza, burgers, momos and ate them as our status symbol, but we noticed how much such foods have been harming and harming the body. Did not give Epidemics like obesity have increased rapidly in the country due to such flour and oily foods.

On the other hand, in a busy life, one does not get the right food till the time of eating. In such cases, people buy anything from outside and eat it. But follow all kinds of diet plans to reduce your growing weight. One of them is the Keto diet. But do you know how much harm Keto Diet has for heart patients? We talked about how Keto has a negative effect on heart patients that is Keto diet side effects heart.

What is Keto diet ?

Keto diet side effects heart

Keto diet side effects heart

In the keto diet, the food which is usually high in fat is used. At the same time, care is taken that this food does not contain normal amount of protein and amount of carbohydrates. It has been observed that simply eating a high fat diet and lack of carbohydrates in the diet leads to starvation in the body and the body cells convert the fat to energy instead of glucose. (Energy) as a source.

This is the reason why the accumulated fat of the body slowly starts to be depleted and the weight starts to decrease rapidly. This condition usually occurs when we are hungry for a long time. On a typical day, the body absorbs energy mainly from carbohydrates in the form of glucose, whereas in the keto diet, this energy is derived from fats.

Disadvantages of keto diet for heart patients

Doctors say that obesity has taken over more than half of the population today. Today’s hectic life and overeating have made almost every other person obese. Every obese person adopts various measures to lose weight. In the rush to lose weight, he sometimes adopts methods that are harmful to the body.

That is why it is recommended that you reduce your weight only under the guidance of a trained dietitian. Nowadays, keto diet is also followed to lose weight fast. This diet is very harmful to heart patients. According to Doctors, these are the disadvantages of keto diet for heart patients-

The cause of heart attack is keto diet

Keto diet side effects heart

Keto diet side effects heart

The keto diet leaves its side effects on the whole body but it is very harmful for the heart. A heart patient is advised to eat low fat food as high fat intake can lead to heart attack. A heart patient should not consume more than 10 per cent saturated fat in his diet throughout the day.

Since the basis of the keto diet is fatty food, eating too much fat clogs the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart, which can lead to heart attack. And the risk of heart attack suddenly increases manifold.

Doctors said that people who are already heart patients have a recurrent heart attack due to taking keto diet which is a very dangerous condition and in most cases proves to be fatal. Therefore, heart attack patients should avoid keto diet.

Affects of keto diet on blood pressure

Taking Keto Diet causes starvation in the body which also has the opposite effect on blood pressure. In most people who take Keto Diet, blood pressure decreases. Which causes weakness and dizziness. In addition to all these, taking keto diet also causes constipation, urinary tract infections, fatigue and shortness of breath.

Keto diet side effects heart
Keto diet side effects heart

Lack of other nutrients in the body

When we follow the keto diet, nutrients other than fat do not reach the body. Which leads to deficiency of other nutrients. This nutrient deficiency increases the discomfort of heart patients.

The keto diet also increases the heart rate. 1-2 weeks after starting the keto diet, the heart rate often exceeds 100 beats per minute, which causes the person to feel the heartbeat. The reason is that there is more pressure on the heart which results in future heart failure and heart attack.

Effect on blood sugar

It has often been observed in diabetics that adopting the Keto diet causes their blood sugar to drop drastically, causing them to faint. Has a negative effect.

Overall, we can say that the keto diet loses weight fast, but it also has a very negative effect on the body, especially on the heart. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise instead of adopting the keto diet to lose weight. And control obesity with the help of a trained dietitian.

I hope this article (keto diet side effects heart) is helpful for you.