Health tips for skin during winter2021| Read now to glow

Best Health tips for skin during winter to Keep Glowing and Soft Skin in Winter: Thanks to global warming and climate change, Dhaka is no longer cold these days. However, since mid-November, many people have started giving blankets and winter clothes in the sun. Hundreds but Christmas is coming soon.

Health tips for skin

Health tips for skin

As a result, picnics, oranges, the ‘Bengali nation’ is fully prepared for the much-anticipated winter of badminton. However, the rhythm of this amazement is cut by a number of minor physical problems. And one of these unsightly diseases is skin and hair problems

What are the problems for skin?

health tips for skin
Health tips for skin
  • Ichthyosis (from the knees to the feet and even the whole body becomes dry and scaly) but it is more prevalent in dry winters.
  • Senile xerotic pruritus (itching results by drying the whole body). Forty-six people are more at risk in this case.
  • Psoriasis or psoriasis (The disease condition in which the scalp is affects all over the body, including the head, knees, elbows).
  • Children who are attacked by atopic dermatitis (eczema) are more likely to grow the disease in winter.
  • In addition, in most cases, woolen garments i.e. sweaters, jacket, mufflers, cap, hats, etc. lead to allergic reactions. In fact, synthetic wool comes in direct contact with the skin and causes allergies.
  • Dandruff problem. For not bathing everyday or regularly during winter. For this reason dead cells and dust are accumulated in the hair follicles. This can lead to dandruff and excessive hair growth.

Solution of Health tips for skin:

  • Those who are suffered by special problems during winter should take precaution with the advice of their physician at the beginning of winter.
  • At First make your skin always be moisturized. Apply or use coconut oil or olive oil before shower. Try to avoid the use of mustard oil. Not the pure one can lead to skin complications.
  • It is very good try to use soap while bathing during winter. In this case you can make use of synthetic detergent. This type of soap is unlikely to cause oil levels to rise on the skin. Try to avoid disinfectant soaps during winter. This increases the amount of skin damage.
  • Apply moisturizer at least twice after bathing and at night while sleeping.
  • Make Use of Vaseline for cracked or chapped lips.
  • Drink sufficient of water. This will keep the body free from hydrated.
  • Stay neat and clean at all times during winter. Make use of Shampoo on hair at least three times every week. Have daily shower or bath every day. In this case, it is better not to give mustard oil on the head.
  • Children can be massaged with oil. However, the practice of smearing mustard oil and leaving it in the sun is abandoned today.
  • Make Use of cotton clothes. It is better not to use woolen clothes directly. Woolen clothing or garments to be used after light cotton clothes or garments.
  • Eat fruits, vegetables rich in vitamins.

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