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There is a great Innovation in Germany to Total cure diabetes symptome.There are about 6 million diabetics in Germany. Every day about a thousand people are being added to that list In the midst of this dramatic situation, according to one study, only weight loss and diabetes symptome can be counteracted.

Nutritionist said. “It’s a milestone for me,” said Matthias Riedel. It is clear that diabetes can be cured. The disease is no longer a matter of fate. “

diabetes symptome

This study in England found that weight loss can be cured by simply losing weight in the first 6 months after onset. It does not require any medicine.

Under one test, participants were fed according to the strictest rules on the food list. For three months, they had to eat only 900 calories of nutrition shakes a day Psychologists and nutritionists have also advised them. I also had to do some exercises. The results were quite impressive.

Of those who have lost up to 7 kilograms, 8 percent have recovered completely without a diabetes tablet. Of those who lost 15 kilograms, 8 percent achieved this goal Dr. “This research has revolutionized or established the treatment of diabetes symptome,” said Matthias Riedel. Doctors, patients, and researchers have to think about new ideas. It may be possible to treat or cure disease without taking medication like tablets and insulin for the rest of one’s life. “

Dirk von Grubb, a German citizen has lost weight and relied on insulin injections. He tried to eat everything all the time Lots with carbohydrates and sweet foods in between. Thus, he became obese and became a diabetic patient. Dr. Explaining the process, Matthias Riedel said, “Excess body fat and abdominal fat are the main causes of diabetes. The more fat, the more insulin is needed. The greater the need for insulin, the more fat accumulates. This vicious cycle is extremely dangerous for many people Even death can happen. So that cycle has to be broken. “

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The body converts or metabolizes carbohydrates into glucose. The pancreas produces insulin, which carries sugar from the blood to the body’s cells. In this way the blood sugar level is low.

Here are some ways to keep diabetes symptome in control without medication

Three-day protein to keep diabetes symptome in control

Eating a protein-rich diet three times a day for three weeks will definitely lower blood sugar levels, says expert Stefan Martin. Fish, chicken, eggs, beans, and dairy foods are high in protein

By eating extra sugar, cells learn to resist insulin to keep diabetes symptome in control.

As a result, there is more pressure on the pancreas on a long-term basis. At some point, insulin production decreases. Then the sugar no longer goes from the blood to the cells. Insulin injection has to be given to break that sugar.

Diabetes mellitus specialists said, “The heavier the weight, the worse the effects of insulin,”.

Kroeger said  In other words, if I do not try to lose weight, the effect of insulin in my body worsens. Even if I take insulin injections, the effects are worse As a result, it is easier to gain weight. “

diabetes symptome

With the help of a nutritionist at the Dirk von Grub, he changed his eating habits. In this way, he lost 23 kg weight.As a result, he was able to reduce his medication. Then Dr. Riddle reminded him, “When you came to us, you had to take a lot of injections.” And now you have to take a few tablets. If this continues, there will be more improvements. “

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Dirk von Grub has managed to control blood sugar levels. However, he is a very exceptional example. In most cases, doctors prescribe tablets and injections before evaluating the nutritional and exercise benefits of the treatment.