Facebook positive and negative health effects on teens | Read now to be safe 2022

Teenagers spend a lot of time browsing networks, especially on Facebook . Because they think it is the best form of communication. Undoubtedly, Facebook is the most popular networking media besides Twitter. It’s fun to use Facebook and Twitter, but if someone spends too much time on them, it will have a negative effect. Now social media is becoming very popular and even there they have personal and official communication with them. 

Yet, excessive use of any media can have both positive and negative effects. Before we look at the negative effects of Facebook, let’s take a brief look at the positive effects of Face-book.

Positive effects of Facebook:

  • Improves mood:

 Through this one is able to communicate with distant friends. One feels good by being in touch with friends. It improves one’s mood and makes one feel close to one’s loved ones.

  •  Feelings of shame are eliminated:

Many teens can communicate without having to communicate with others by browsing Face-book when they do not want to communicate directly with others. It removes the feeling of shame. This is a good forum for socializing shy children.

  • One has the opportunity to develop self-identity:

Face-book is the medium of face-to-face communication. It improves self-awareness. It can improve one’s communication skills and build better relationships with people.

The Negative Impact of Facebook on Adolescents

  • Separate from everyone:

Anyone can suffer from isolation because of the tendency to stick to one’s computer. As a result, he will stay at home and will not leave the house to meet people.

Facebook positive and negative health effects

Interacting with people or normal socialization is also essential. A shy child will only want to communicate through Face-book and will not like to communicate in any other way.

  • Weight can be increased :

Prolonged sitting in front of the computer can also cause weight gain. Naturally, one will not get much exercise and they will suffer from obesity.

Facebook positive and negative health effects

Weight can be increased
  •  Abnormal symptoms may occur:

Surfing Facebook can cause unusual symptoms in many teenagers. Such as depression, excessive aggression, abnormal anxiety or even normal anxiety. People who are suffering from social anxiety keep immersing themselves in front of Face-book. Adolescents who usually suffer from mental health problems and are very aware of their self-image, their body and their appearance will be more involved than usual. If socially, they feel inferior, they tend to avoid social interaction. Obviously, they would like to write for hours on end for Face-book.

  •  May be bad for eyes:

Too much time exposure to the computer is bad for the eyes. Adolescents must go out and spend time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air instead of being stuck at the computer.

  •  Contact with strangers:

With Facebook communication, it is possible for anyone to form relationships with strangers, who may also be criminals. Adolescents are vulnerable and easily susceptible to external influences.

Their lifestyles are changing and those who are very hi-fi in their outlook want to build relationships with them. In the process, they try to communicate with strangers who can be very harmful to them.

  •  Lack of emotional connection may be:

This is due to lack of emotional connection between one person and not meeting the other person. Feelings, when shared privately, have a greater impact than Facebook. There is a feeling of care and warmth when faced with communication. Face-to-face communication has decreased. Face-to-face communication helps to send better messages.

  • Increases laziness:

Sitting in front of a computer and browsing Facebook can cause laziness. It is a waste of time.

  •  Scattering causes:

Browsing Facebook distracts the mind from many other things. No one can engage in constructive activities that keep one’s mind healthy. Just spending hours and hours on Facebook and talking through it is not healthy.

  •  Lack of body language communication occurs:

Body language means a lot. In Facebook browsing, language communication with someone decreases as one person does not communicate with the other person.

  •  Unhealthy sexual habits can be created:

Facebook can create a tendency to communicate with an unhealthy sexual habit. Healthy sexual intercourse is reduced by not having physical contact with each other. Communicating only through Facebook can be detrimental to one’s overall self-image and emotional growth. Perverted habits may be discussed or the other person may be perverted and want to have sex. He may later take advantage of the person’s weakness and try to meet with that person.

It is natural that the positive effects of Facebook can be read as well as the negative effects. Of course, be aware of the negative effects of Facebook( facebook touch ).

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