Cancer survivors :Move More, Sit Less for a Longer Life, Study Says | Health Tips

March 24, 2022 – The Cancer survivors who spend more than 8 hours each day sitting are 5 times more likely to die in later years than other people or their colleagues. On the other hand, being physically active lowers the risk of unwanted premature death, new research shows.

What is “alarming” is that many cancer survivors have a sedentary lifestyle, with Chao Cao and Lin Young, PhDs, from Calgary, Canada’s Alberta Health Services, who worked on the research, told WebMD.

The American Cancer Society suggests that people who survive from cancer have the same physical activity guidelines as the other general population. The goal is 150 to 300 minutes of moderate activities every week or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous activitities (or a combination of both).

Cancer survivors :

Cancer survivors :
Cancer survivors :

“The ideal is to reach or exceed the 300-minute limit,” said Scientist Cao and Lin.

Yet in the study of more than 1,500 cancer survivors, more than half percent (57%) were inactive, not doing  any physical activities during their weekly leisure time in the last week.

About 16% were “inadequately” active, or doing less than 150 minutes every week. Meanwhile, 28% were normally active, achieving or doing more than 150 minutes of weekly physical activity.

Digging deeper, the researchers found that more than the 33% of cancer survivors reported sitting 6 to 8 hours every  day, and a quarter observed sitting more than 8 hours every day.

In last 9 years, the 293 cancer survivors have died . among them- 114 from cancer, 41 from heart disease and 138 from other causes.

After accounting for things that could affect outcomes, the risk of dying from any cause or cancer was about to 65% lower among cancer survivors who were physically active than their inactive peers.

According to research by JAMA Oncology, sitting for long periods of time was particularly risky.

People who are survived from cancer have almost twice as much risk of dying from any cause and more than twice more risk of dying from cancer as those who survive less than 4 hours every day.

Survivors from cancer who sat for more than 8 hours every  day and were almost inactive or not active enough had about five times higher risk of dying from any causes or cancer.

“Stay active and sit less, move more and move more frequently,” advises Scientist Cao and Yang. “Avoiding prolonged sitting is essential for most cancer survivors to reduce the risk of additional death.”