How do you know You are affected by Hepatitis B .Read now to be safe 2022

Many people are diagnosed with hepatitis B and sometimes hepatitis C when they go abroad for health check-ups, voluntary blood donations or pregnancy tests. Many are become devastated or frustrated. Because many people think that Hepatitis B or C positive means liver cirrhosis, certain death.

What is the meaning of hepatitis B positive ?

Hepatitis B is a serious infectious disease that attacks the liver. Hepatitis B virus (HBV) causes the disease. It often has no symptoms early in the infection. However, in many cases nausea, yellowing of the skin, fatigue, Symptoms like abdominal pain, yellowing of urine etc. are seen

hepatitis B

Hepatitis B positive in a person can mean any of the following signs:

  1. He is in the incubation phase of the hepatitis B virus
  2. Acute hepatitis (short-term inflammation) with the B virus
  3. B became infected with the virus and recovered from it
  4. Carrying antigen of the virus without symptoms or
  5. He has a long-term disease caused by hepatitisB.
  • The incubation period of hepatitis B virus infection can last up to 30-160 days. Usually at this time
  • Fatigue,
  • abdominal discomfort may be felt.
  • Generally HBsAg positive occurs several weeks before the onset of physical symptoms or jaundice. Liver enzymes may also increase during this time.

Symptoms of acute hepatitisB usually occur one to four months after infection. Liver failure can occur in up to two percent of cases. In adults, 95 percent are able to eliminate the infection from the body.

  • In the case of chronic (long-term) hepatitis, HBsAg usually lasts for more than six months.
  • About 90% of newborns are infected,
  • 20-50% of people between the ages of one and five,
  • and less than 5% of adults are infected with chronic hepatitis. Chronic infections, however, have different doses. Sometimes very active and sometimes very inactive.

If you are diagnosed with Hepatitis B or C in a blood test, do not panic and consult a doctor and a liver specialist. Confirm the presence and activity of the virus through confirmation tests. In many cases the virus can remain inactive for a long time.
If Properly treated, it can cure chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. Even if you carry the virus, there is no obstacle to work, daily activities. Do not break down, take the right treatment. Stay away from Jharfunk, Kabiraji, Homeopathy, Panipara, Dabpara.

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