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I am a Pharmacist. I have obtained M.Pharm & B. Pharm degree from University . 

I have been working in different
Pharmaceuticals in different positions since 2008.  I started my career as QA Officer at Techno Drugs Ltd .
Md Kamrul Hasan

Ordinary people are suffering from many diseases due to lack of knowledge and awareness. As a pharmacist, I have a great responsibility to make the general public aware of general health tips and knowledge. I am sharing my study knowledge and experience for all the common people to get a better healthy life. If you find my articles helpful, share them with your friends and family members as much as possible to ensure a healthy life for all.

I Will Provide About Healthy Snacks, Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Food, Healthy Recipes Ideas For You. Here You Find Treatment Tips For Diabetes,Diabetes Mellitus,Diabetes Insipidus,Diabetes Type 1.Here You Also Find Healthy Food Near Me, Health Department, Health Insurance, Healthy Dinner Ideas And Many More Health Tips For Better Healthy Lifestyle.

Here we discuss about various health problems and their solutions . These information may be helpful for you.


Md Kamrul Hasan

Pharmacist (M. Pharm)

Ordinary People Are Suffering From Many Diseases Due To Lack Of Knowledge And Awareness. As A Pharmacist, I Have A Great Responsibility To Make The General Public Aware Of General Health Tips And Knowledge.